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Our Videos
A-VCOA occasionally has the opportunity to create a video of a meeting or other club activity. When we have one of these it will be posted here for everyone to enjoy.
DISCLAIMER: A-VCOA makes no representations about the information in these videos or the security at the websites to which the video is linked. We are not responsible for any of the opinions expressed nor do we make any claims as to their validity. Please use the same caution when accessing the links to these video websites that you would for any other website with which you are not familiar.

Meeting Videos:
June 2013 Reel-to-Reel Meeting Video Videographer is club member John Clower...
Special Project Videos:
A-VCOA Speaker Project See the Two Way Speaker Project Docs, Construction Detail and the Video
A-VCOA Subwoofer ProjectSee Subwoofer Project Docs and Construction Videos