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Get Better Sound
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I met Jim at AXPONA 2011. Really sharp guy!

I'd love to fly him out here to CA sometime...but that gets expensive quickly. Even so, I don't question the value of doing so.

Anyone who is contemplating spending more than ~$2k or so on a system upgrade upgrade will almost certainly experience a far greater improvement in sound quality and musical involvement by having Jim tune their system instead. You won't get full value from the upgrade anyway until your room is as good as it can be.

Here's a link to some of his podcasts, including one from April 9th, 2017:

I'm looking forward to reading more reports from A-VCOA members who have either attended a RoomPlay Reference™ session or had Jim personally tune their room during a RoomPlay™ on-site. Cheers.

-- David
Ok cool, I didnt know.  He's a super nice guy and one of the best SME's Ive encountered in that space...

Jim is an old friend of the club and has been a presenter at two of our meetings. While he hasn't been back for several years, most of the long-time club members are aware of him and many of us have both his book and are on his "Through the Sound Barrier" (TTSB) Project and the associated "Quarter Notes" updates. Based on this letter from you, it may be time to ask him to update us on his latest thinking and the prospects for delivery of his reference CD. I'll give him a call and see if he might be available for early next year!

Although, I can't afford that at the moment it's good to know it's cheaper than I was originally thinking. Thanks!
Hey Mike - If you do the listening session at his house, I think he deducts 100% of that from the Room Voicing session, if you move forward with that and if he can do it.  Because I'm in Suwanee it was cheaper than him getting on a plane.  Also, I think he turns down a fair bit of work due to room configs not being optimum and/or inabilty to move or change the room around to provide optimum sound quality.

If I recall it was $350 for the listening demo at his place in Cumming, then $1250 for the room voicing, total $1600.  The room voicing session at my house took 7.5 hours, he is super thourough and exact with all his measurements and tweaking.  I learned alot as well!  
I watched the 3-DVD set that was based on his book. There are a lot of tweaks in there that I'd like to try as time permits.

I saw that he charges around $2,500 for his services. Is that for any and all visits? Or does he do visits that could potentially be cheaper?

Not sure how many folks know about Jim Smith, author of Get Better Sound and 40 year audiophile, Shop Owner etc.  I was surprised to learn he lives right here in Cumming GA.  

I read his book, then had the opportunity to hear his reference system a couple months ago and had him "Voice" my room a couple weeks ago.  I was completely blown away!  A 100% improvement.
If anyone has questions or interest in his services feel free to ping me and I can share what my expereince was.  

Thanks, Aaron 
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