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Sam Papadas' Dirt Cheap Equipment Sale
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Sam Papadas has some equipment he wishes to sell. Since his pudgy little fingers do not work well on keyboards (Although he seems to have no problems soldering complicated circuitry!) he has asked me to help him with this sale. You can contact Sam at SAMKOR@HOTMAIL.COM , send him your phone number and he will call you. These items are offered to members at rock-bottom prices. Those prices are firm!


Oppo BDP 93 Blu-ray Player. Original List at $499, these are still going on the web for $200-300 depending on condition. Buying one of these used is certainly a better deal than many of the lower and mid-priced Blu-ray players currently offered new as they are also the basis for a great audio player. Able to play CD, SACD, and DVD-A, they are better than many low to medium priced CD players and they also do video! Sam will sell his for only $150.


Cambridge Audio DacMagic. Original List at $429, they are still going on the web for around $200... if you can find one. Sam will let his go for only $125. These are a great way to get into a better sound from your CD player or Laptop without spending very much money.


Sennheiser HD600 Headphones. New these are still going for from $280 to almost $400... and $180-$230 used. For many years these were the top Sennheiser ‘phones until the HD650 debuted. They are still a great entry into high end headphone listening! At only $100 they are an absolute steal!


Contact Sam ASAP or lose the opportunity to make one of these great buys!

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