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Need Help!

Advice on turntable, phono tube preamp
Carl Turner
I am looking to add a turntable to my system (see below). I have read all about many varieties - VPI Classic I, Pro-ject, Rega RP6/8, Marantz TT1551, ClearAudio, etc. I am leaning toward the VPI but would like to hear any comments to help make a decision.

With the new turntable, I feel I need to use tube phono preamp to give the clear mellow sound I so enjoy - mainly easy listening, light classical, Dean Martin, etc. Tubes seems to warm up my Emotiva mono-blocks. (I tried the Emotiva new XSP 1 preamp with phono turner built in - but too tinny - not full, crisp, airy sounding). I have looked at the Audio Research's new SR20 but it is expensive ($9000). Looked at Conrad Johnson ET3 SE ($5500) but requires 220 power, no balanced output, and while cheaper, still expensive. Also a tube preamp (or phono turner/preamp combo) might warm up my OPPO.

I would like to hear from users as to what others have used and liked. Thanks!!!!

Eq- OPPO 105, Emotiva XPS - 1L (monoblocks), Vienna Mozart Grand speakers (to be upgraded soon)