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A Deal on Trade-in Rogue M180 Magnum monoblock amp...
John Morrison
I have received a note from our friend Gordon Waters at The Audio Company in Marietta. Since this represents an opportunity for our members, here is his message.


Just wanted to let you know- we just took a pair of Rogue M180 monoblock tube amps, taken in trade-in from a customer to which we had sold them originally. They're in perfect working order and in very good overall condition.


Originally, these were $6000 a pair. We're asking $2900 for this pair. They're on display at our store (The Audio Company & Sweet Melissa Records) at 146 South Park Square Marietta GA 30060. Any questions, please call Jim or Gordon at 770-429-0489.


I've attached a few pictures. If you would let the members know about this, it would be greatly appreciated.