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Dahlquist DQ-10s for sale
John Morrison
A long-time local high-end audiophile and dealer, Gordon Waters, is offering his personal pair of DQ-10s for sale. At the time they were first put on the market, these were a really unique design, as Gordon mentions in his letter below.


Letter follows:

John and Chuck,


I have something of mine, that I've decided to sell, that I'm sure you guys will know all about.


I am selling my pair of Dahlquist DQ10 speakers. These are the 5-way speakers with the open-baffle time-aligned drivers- the original collaboration between Jon Dahlquist and Saul Marantz.


These, as we remember, were just about the most advanced high-end speakers of their day. They have been tuned up by me (I did some minor repairs), and are in great working condition. Cosmetics are good- the only significant flaw is that the expanded metal cover over the crossover (in the back) is missing on them. Fronts look nice- some wear, but good overall condition. They're completely stock (no mods to the crossovers or drivers).

BTW: These are the more desirable mirror-image version.


I am asking $350.00 cash for the pair. They can be seen and heard at The Audio Company in Marietta (770) 429-0489.


If you would let the club guys know about this, I would appreciate it greatly. I have not posted these for sale anywhere else yet...